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Student Work

Course Description

Sinus Lynge and Tue Foged – EFFEKT Architects
Peter Cohan – UW Architecture
Autumn 2019

Course Description

A Folkehøjskole for the Green Transition

The primary objective for this studio is to develop design proposals for a real project that is currently in its early stages of development in the EFFEKT office. The client, Jakob Leth Fink, has asked EFFEKT to help him realize a vision for a new kind of Folk High School that will help Denmark move through the green transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The project is now in a critical phase in which there are still many unknown variables. With the exact site for the project yet to be determined and the program still being refined, this is an ideal opportunity to ask fundamental questions about such a critical  endeavor. What kinds of spaces and programs will be needed for this new school? How might they be configured to create an optimum learning environment?
In line with the spirit of EFFEKT projects such as the ReGen Villages, the Urban Village Project and Örestad Home, the studio is to be considered as a research project that has the possibility to provide valuable feedback for the client and EFFEKT in their effort to create a unique type of learning environment for the green transition. With that objective in mind, students are strongly encouraged to challenge conventions, explore radical ideas and push the envelope in their design explorations for this project.