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Student Work

Course Description

Elizabeth Golden/ Rick Mohler Spring 2020

Course Description

The Othello Community Hub is an unprecedented collaboration between the City of Seattle, the University of Washington, the Low Income Housing Institute and the Boys and Girls Club of Seattle. Just as building typologies must evolve and hybridize in response to changing urban conditions, so must our urban institutions. Combining a variety of institutions and programs in a single neighborhood center allows for the efficiencies of shared spaces and infrastructure as well as the engagement and collaboration of participating institutions and members of the community.

The Hub is conceived as a focal point for all members of the Othello community. It is both a destination and a place of transition. Some engage the HUB only briefly but regularly by catching the bus, parking one’s bike, grabbing a coffee or making use of the urban rest stop. Others engage for longer periods of time as teens playing games or making music, young adults looking to launch their education at the UW or elder adults interested in continuing their education or contributing to their community.