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atelierjones awarded Wood Innovation grants

The Department of Architecture is excited to congratulate atelierjones for being awarded two USDA/USFS grants as part of two collaborative teams relating to Mass Timber. These grants are the result of the firm’s multi-year design, research and teaching on the topic.

This image was developed from a drawing by M. Arch student Madeleine Black, during the 2016 Mass Timber Studio

The first grant is to assist a multi-disciplinary team with conducting fire testing in Sweden, in conjunction with the American Wood Council, to determine parameters around the degree of visibility and exposure of mass timber in buildings. The second grant was jointly awarded to Urban Visions, Swinerton Construction, DCI and McKinstry. atelierjones will be collaborating with these partners to conduct applied design research on mass timber/hybrid floor assemblies within an office environment.

image credit: atelierjones

atelierjones was also awarded a grant last month from The Nature Conservancy to assist in building modeling for LCA analysis in conjunction with our partners in the UW COE/School of Environment and Forest Sciences.

All of this work has strong foundations in research and collaboration. Additionally, the two design studios, lead by Susan Jones, founder of atelierjones, were critical in the development of this research. The studios were conducted here at the UW Department of Architecture, including faculty and students, with collaboration from Construction Management and SEFS/COE over the last six years.

Image created by UW M.Arch students during the 2016 Mass Timber studio

To learn more about the US Forest Services’ grants for Wood Innovation, follow the link below: