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M.Arch ’13 Mariam Kamara in NYTimes

T Presents: 15 Creative Women For Our Time. The New York Time Style Magazine. Photo by Nicholas Calcott.
In its August 10 issue, the New York Times Style Magazine presented a special feature, 15 CREATIVE WOMEN FOR OUR TIME. “Whether in the realm of art or design, food or fashion, these talents have stayed true to themselves and, in doing so, have pushed the boundaries of their respective fields.”


One of our 2013 alumni, Mariam Kamara, was one of the women recognized. “Since completing her Master of Architecture at the University of Washington (and a thesis project on gender and public space) in 2013, Kamara has built her practice on layers of narrative. Her buildings read as missives from the people who inhabit them: about their history, the ways they move through space, and their needs and aspirations, all gleaned through careful observation and conversation. Constructing clear geometric forms almost entirely from three locally produced materials — cement, recycled metal and unfired earth — Kamara shapes space from the inside out, using environmental and cultural cues to generate her designs.”


In 2017, Mariam was recognized in the GOLD category of the Department of Architecture’s inaugural Alumni Awards.  We were honored to have her return to campus as a speaker in our Spring 2019 Lecture Series.  Her lecture, titled “Decoding Context: Material, Sustainability and People-Focus Architecture,” can be viewed online here.


We are thrilled to see one of our graduates receive this widespread recognition. Congratulations, Mariam!