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Faculty Profiles

The faculty profiles listed below provide more specific information on the educational background and areas of research interest of the core faculty of the MS in Architecture stream in Design Technology. This allows the program to support an impressive range of research projects. For more information on current and past student research can be found in the Student Profiles. More detailed information on faculty research can be found in the individual profiles, which can be accessed through the following link.

Narjes Abbasabadi

PH.D. in Architecture, Technologies of the Built Environment (Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology) Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Research interests: Sustainable Design; Human-centered Design; Building Performance Simulation; Urban Building Energy Modeling; Urban Computing; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Alex T. Anderson

Ph.D. in Architectural History and Theory, University of Pennsylvania
Research interests:  architectural representation, mass-production housing, modernism

Heather Burpee

Master of Architecture, University of Washington
Research interests: High-performance buildings, sustainable systems and design, energy efficiency.

Rob Corser

Master of Design, Harvard University
Research interests: Relationships between design and technology in architecture, largely in terms of the integration of new technologies in design, fabrication and construction practices.

Kimo Griggs

Master of Architecture, Yale University
Research Interest: Study of new materials for building, new uses for existing materials, and digital design and manufacturing applications in design and making, furniture making.

Elizabeth Golden

Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University GSAPP
Research methods: Local and traditional materials and methods in contemporary architecture.

Mehlika Inanici

Ph.D. in Architecture, University of Michigan
Research Interests: Computational lighting design and analysis, building performance simulation, circadian lighting, sustainable systems and design.

Chris Meek

Master of Architecture, University of Washington
Research Interests: Daylighting design, High-performance buildings, sustainable systems and design. Director of the Integrated Design Lab (IDL) and the Center for Integrated Design.

Tomas Mendez Echenagucia

Ph.D. in Architecture and Building design, Politecnico di Torino
Research Interests: Computational geometry for sustainable buildings. Search and optimization methods for architectural, structural, acoustic, and energy efficiency. Director of MS in Architecture Design Technology stream.

Rob Pena

Master of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: Sustainable Design and Building Performance Systems, High Performance Buildings.

Gundula Proksch

Master of Architecture, Cornell University
Research interests: Food-water-energy nexus, a design and representation and their interdependence in the design process. Director of Circular City + Living Systems Lab (CCLS), an interdisciplinary research group investigating transformative strategies for sustainable urban futures.

Kate Simonen

Master of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: Environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), integrated practice and innovative construction materials and methods. Director of the Carbon Leadership Forum, an industry-academic collaborative research effort focused on linking LCA to design and construction practice to advance low carbon construction.

Tyler Sprague

Ph.D. in Built Environments, University of Washington
Research interests: the intersection of architecture and structural engineering, through a variety of methods, throughout history.